X-US Speakers

Richard Dolan (USA)

The secret space program

We are pleased to have Richard with us live via the power of the interweb.

Richard has been featured on Ancient Aliens and Hanger One series and Coast to Coast AM radio. Host of The Richard Dolan Show on KGRA radio. Richard is a groundbreaking researcher and covers some impressive topics including:

  • Government cover-ups
  • False flag events
  • Breakaway civilisations
  • Life after UFO disclosure
  • ET contact and abduction

Duncan Roads

The Secret History of Australia &
The big picture, exo-politics, what’s going on behind the scenes

Duncan Roads of the world-renowned Nexus Conferences is coming to Sydney!

 Our aim is to present hard-to-get, ignored and suppressed information on the subjects of health, science, the unexplained, world events and history. Our goal is the day when all people of all races and colours can live together in total trust and respect, on a planet that is clean, abundant and healthy.’ – Duncan Roads, Nexus Magazine

Duncan Roads, our keynote speaker, could be considered the father of alternative news in not only Australia but also internationally.  Publisher of Nexus Magazine for nearly 30 years and presenter of the very successful Nexus Conference for over 20, Duncan has been able to access more alternative news and information than most living beings.  Be it geopolitics , conspiracy theories, alternative health, alternative energies, UFOs, Big Brother, freedom of speech etc., Duncan is your man. 

Nexus Magazine publishers in over 12 languages and sold in 20 countries. It is now available digitally and has over 100,000 readers in Australia and 1.1 million globally.  In the last year Duncan has created NexusNewsFeed.com , a completely free online news service. We are honoured to have Duncan presenting. You can expect him to cover many of the subjects mentioned above  with an accent on the latest global news and what is really happening behind the scenes.


Brendan D. Murphy & Aimee Devlin

Re-tuning the Collective Consciousness

Co-founder of Global Freedom Movement and the GFM "Truthiversity" Brendan D. Murphy is a leading-edge author, researcher, activist, healer, and musician. 

Brendan has a compassionate heart, keen intellect, is deeply “spiritual,” and a "no-bullshit" humanitarian. He advocates - and provides for his audience - “broad spectrum awareness,” meaning a big-picture, well rounded, multi-faceted worldview – the result of years of study.

In The Grand Illusion books, Brendan has attempted what few other authors dare to, making his writing valuable to anyone consciously seeking deeper awareness of themselves, the nature of reality, and the challenges of life on earth.

He also facilitates very powerful sound-based “DNA activations,” offering awoken seekers a trigger point for accelerated evolution and multi-levelled healing - with some amazing results.

On a more personal note, Brendan is also a talented musician with a versatile voice and some skill on the guitar.

For Brendan, in seeking truth, nothing is sacrosanct, no precept too precious, and no dogma unquestionable. The need to understand must trump the ego's need for control.

Brendan has been called "the Chomsky of the Spiritual movement.”

Since its founding in 2013, (GFM) has operated as a multidimensional educational, activist, and news media portal, with co-founders Brendan and Aimee at the helm. They promote substance over style and provide access to depth and quality of information, rather than merely regurgitating the fluffy clichés that pervade the alternative media and many “spiritual” sites. 

As educators, they are awakened hard-hitters who take no prisoners, sharing much needed truth and exposing all forms of frauds and lies. As healers, they seek to mend the rift between humankind and the earth, as well as healing our relationship to ourselves and each other.

Unlike many other "alternative" websites, GFM is solution-based and not merely complaining about the System, but evolving beyond it. Brendan and Aimee raise consciousness, identify possibilities, and get things done.

Join them at globalfreedommovement.org

Megan Heazlewood

Crop Circles – A true enigma

Megan has been an independent researcher of crop circles for over 17 years and has been presenting her findings at conferences and seminars for over 10 years. She has a great affinity with the underlying spiritual nature of existence as demonstrated by the many diverse patterns and messages found in crop circles. The photos and film clips of her own personal encounters speak for themselves.

In 2006 and 2007 Megan was in the UK and from start to finish her experiences were extraordinary - she will share these visits with us. Impressive are the actual moments she spent within a crop circle which have lead to her most recent research into the affects the crop circles have on the soil and plants. A fascinating presentation to look forward to. 

Kassandra Scardino

The future of natural health

Kassandra left her corporate job with the guidance of spirit or Star Beings and started working full time as a Pranic Healer or light worker in 2014. Since then she has gone on to mentor others through their awakening and has created her own crystal healing modality.
In 2016 Kassandra opened The Temple Surry Hills bringing her divine feminine energy and with the help of Keiren Paul Lowy bringing divine masculine energy, have been creating a conscious community of like minded men and women and healing space for light workers to use and teach from.
The future is bright and this space keeps growing from heart space with the guidance of ancestors, the universe and the people that flock through word of mouth, to open their minds up to what is beyond what meets the eye.
Kassandra will be talking about her research studies on energy, the future of healing for the masses that are waking, the power of crystals and the conscious communities that are to come. Watch this space.


Lisa & Jimmy McDonald

Plasma Science and Keshe Tech: the peace evolution

We are Jim and Lisa Mac Donald, aquaponic salad farmers from the Mid North Coast. We have, for the past 18 months been on an intense  journey of discovery, learning the basics of Plasma Science and what this new fundamental knowledge could bring to humanity.

For many years now, we have explored the ways in which a shift could take place to put humanity onto a path of peace and abundance. In our current society, this is almost impossible to achieve, due to the monetary system and other obstacles. When we discovered Plasma Technology, we understood very quickly that these could be the tools to bring us closer to what we wished to manifest.

Very soon after we started making some of these tools, we understood that the scientific breakthrough understanding of plasma was the bridge between science and spirituality. The unified field theory that explained everything in Creation.

Plasma science is the marriage of the seen with the seen, allowing us, through science, to understand our very souls and those of all in the Universe.

With this understanding, plasma will give humanity the wings to fly to the Golden Age we know we must manifest.

Our talk:

We will introduce Plasma Technology and a taste of the science behind it. Show results we and our fellow knowledge seekers around the world have obtained in: health, energy and agriculture and hopefully inspire some to join us on our knowledge seeking journey.

We will also have plasma products available to purchase, namely: health pens, creams, bracelets, GaNS starter packs and more, as well as some on site demos will be arranged.

Mariana Flynn

Insight into complexities of ET visitations & abductions

Mariana has been president of UFO Research NSW Inc for almost 7 years. Her passion is disclosure and opening people's minds to what is going on in this reality and beyond. Her work includes planning meetings for UFOR where local and overseas speakers with personal experience or with some expertise in the world of ufology are invited to share their knowledge with their audience. She is also engaged in interviewing ET contactees and she has thus collected many fascinating stories, some of which she will share in her talk.

Where is the Contact phenomenon going? The Jinn and their part in this phenomenon;  a blood type which is common among contactees; the lucid dream compared with physical abduction; military abductions and their purpose.  These topics will be included and what they mean for human evolution. Mariana trained in clinical hypnotherapy, past life regression and  Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing and she specialises in regression sessions for Contactees.

For more information about UFO Research NSW, you can visit their website www.ufor.asn.au

Mark Robinson

Alternative currencies: government, bank control & secrecy

Mark Robinson is a Founder of The Wealth Game, a leading educator on alternative investment strategies and a family man who enjoys spending quality time with his wife and two daughters traveling the world. 

Mark has spent over 25 years in the financial services industry and built six successful businesses in only four short years. After selling those businesses, he moved his family to Sydney to focus on educating in alternative investment strategies such as Crypto currencies, diamonds, gold, silver and medical marijuana. 

His passion is to help people within his community, The Wealth Game,  to understand the rules of building wealth, both inside and outside of the system.

Mark has written seven books in his series Winning the Wealth Game, spoken on stages through out the world and is looking forward to sharing his knowledge on alternative currencies with you at the event. 

Susan Moylan-Coombs

Acknowledgement of Country

The Gaimaragal Group is a First Australian organisation that has been established to lead social change and create social impact by bringing together like minds and like spirits. We believe that the philosophies and teachings of Australia’s First Peoples, the way of life that has sustained us for tens of thousands of years, is worth sharing, and that in doing so, we can create a new story of connection and wellbeing for all Australians.

Our aim is to facilitate the voice for our Elders in the contemporary social space, empower our youth to realise their full potential, and provide two-way cultural translation to bring individuals and communities together Susan’s ancestry is Woolwonga and Gurindji from the Northern Territory.

She has extensive experience working with First Australian communities nationally and internationally, with specific expertise in community consultation, empowerment and the facilitation of voice and storytelling.  Susan previously held the positions of Executive Producer ABC’s Indigenous Programs Unit and Head of Production, NITV a division of SBS.

Today Susan uses her expertise to work with mainstream organisations and communities in the provision of cultural competency and immersion sessions as well as social planning processes. Susan is part of the group known as the Stolen Generations and has lived experience of the trauma associated with removal, loss, dispossession and disconnection.

She is one of the founding Board member of the PTSD Australia New Zealand (Fearless Outreach) organisation as well as many community committees in the Northern Sydney Region.