Founded by To coincide with the Mayan New Year starting on 26th July Maker’s Place brings you a two day conference that will inspire, inform and leave you preparing for a dimensional shift into a higher consciousness.

Why X-US?

This is the first XUS Conference - following in the venerable foot steps of the NEXUS CONFERENCES, presented by Duncan Roads for over 25 years. Sadly there is NO Nexus Conference this year so a highly creative and motivated team have thrown themselves into action to do something about this. X-US was birthed at Maker's Place. 

  The X-US team:  top: Angelo, Mike, Lean, Senka, middle: Geoff, bottom: Alex, Nano

The X-US team: top: Angelo, Mike, Lean, Senka, middle: Geoff, bottom: Alex, Nano

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So what’s Maker’s Place?

Makers Place is a volunteer run not-for-profit space providing tools and community for makers. In our Redfern warehouse we provide access to traditional and digital tools to facilitate idea and skill sharing within our community.

Makers Place is run by volunteers who activate the principles of the Maker Movement. Our community consists of like-minded people who are passionate about innovating, creating and collaborating.

We provide access to equipment, a safe environment, wifi and knowledge that most makers don't have in their own kit. In exchange for a monthly membership fee, Makers Place provides approximately $30,000 worth of equipment under one roof.

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